Our team is dedicated to making our patients comfortable, so each person feels at ease during their orthodontic treatment. From initial call to the finished smile, our team is here to help!

Our team and doctors understand the treatment process can seem overwhelming, so we take time to explain things thoroughly, using everyday language, and answering every question. We review all aspects of clinical care and all financials upfront, too, making sure patients and families understand their options and responsibilities.

Beyond their extensive experience, our team is friendly, kind, and thoughtful. They love working in a positive, supportive office – almost as much as they love helping each person achieve a wonderfully healthy and beautiful smile that they love!


Office Manager

I’ve been in the orthodontic field for over 20 years. My favorite part of my job is the interaction and professional relationship I get to establish with each and every patient. Getting to know people as they go through their treatment, and seeing how each gains confidence, is rewarding. I’m lucky to see this every day!

I answer the phones, schedule and confirm appointments, assist with paperwork, and answer patient and parent questions. I also verify insurance benefits and oversee the processing of and follow-up on insurance claims, as well as collect payments.

I am a proud mother of two children and treasure my time with them. Weekends are often spent cooking and baking for the family and Sundays are dedicated to watching football games. I also enjoy listening to music and seeing movies.


Head Dental Assistant

My favorite part of my job is the work itself, especially when our younger patients come in and they are nervous about putting on braces or expanders. I help them calm down and, at the same time, talk with parents about what’s going to happen, so they relax, too! It’s a good feeling to be able to inform, to answer questions, and to help everyone feel happy and engaged with getting a new smile!

I work in the clinic, where I assist the doctor with a range of orthodontic procedures. I love being hands-on and putting a smile on a patient’s face, all while being part of a team that is perfecting that smile!

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